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Supplying the finest equestrian brands to the best saddleries and country stores

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Supplying the finest equestrian brands to the best saddleries and country stores

Myler Double Bridle Bits: Here At Last!!!

Myler Weymouths and Myler ported Bridoons are permitted by the FEI and British Dressage.

Now in stock at all good bit shops!!!

Myler Weymouths are unique in having the Myler’s own special Independent Side Movement, for a clearer lateral aid.

2 Myler Weymouths are available:

  • the 15PB mouthpiece, which is a low, wide port, most likely suited to a horse that is less settled or a little too forward-going; or a horse with a low palate or small mouth volume
  • the 33 mouthpiece, which has a high enough port to give every horse almost complete tongue relief, particularly suited to a very balanced horse with a lovely disposition

These are stocked in 5″ and 5 1/2″

2 Myler Bridoons are available, on Loose Ring Cheeks. Both have similar sized ports but act differently:

  • the 04 Low Port Comfort Snaffle, which collapses to wrap the outer lips and bars, but does not nutcracker.
  • the 36 Forward Tilted Port, this does not collapse but each side of the mouthpiece rotates independently around the central barrel

Your horse’s bitting history may be helpful in suggesting which Bridoon to go for.  Some horses seem to react better to a collapsing bit; others seem to prefer the stiller feel of a bit that does not put any pressure on the outside of the lips and bars.

Weymouths give the most tongue relief, bridoons act more on the tongue.  Many horses manage to “flip” the bridoon in front of the Weymouth in their mouths so their tongues are protected from the pinching action of the bridoon.

Curb Chains restrict the rotation of the Weymouth and allow your rein pressure to be shared onto another spot, reducing the pressure inside the mouth.  Curbs should be fitted snugly, (not cranked tight) but if they are too loose they will not help at all.