Flex-on Stirrups & Spurs

Flex-on Stirrups & Spurs

Shock-Absorbing Stirrups and innovative Spurs
Developed through the partnership between a showjumper and an engineer (Caroline and Laurent Bordes), Flex-on set about creating a solution for the sore knees and ankles experienced by many riders on the competition circuit and the Flex-on Stirrup was born.

Flex-on Stirrups use elastomer “springs”, which cushion and reduce the shock-waves generated by the horse’s movements. This helps the rider’s stability and reduces pressure on the riders’ joints, helping to prevent injuries.
This unique, shock absorption technology is then combined with customisable design.

Flex-on’s unique Eper-on Spur was released in March 2016 and is already proving a must-have due to its light, comfortable fit; and range of options for height and shank.

More information can be found at http://www.flex-on.fr/en/


Watch the video below all about Flex-on’s amazing shock-absorbing stirrups!



Watch the video below all about Flex-on’s innovative spurs!