SAFE-ON JUNIOR: Flex-on’s brilliant safety stirrup for younger riders is now available !

Posted on Mar 6, 2020 in Blog

The Safe-on safety stirrup is a truly fantastic new product and it’s now available for junior riders, under 40kg.




The outer branch of the Safe-on is designed to open in the event of a fall.  It can be re-attached quickly and simply with the tool supplied.

Watch the video to see how the Safe-on works.

Based on Flex-on’s Green Composite stirrup, the Safe-on has all of Flex-on’s technological innovation and attention-to-detail.  The elastomers will provide exceptional shock-absorption preventing fatigue and protecting joints from injury and the offset leather slot and angled tread will help achieve the optimum leg position.

Available in 9 frame colours,

with a contrasting-colour opening branch in 16 colours if you wish, the Safe-on Junior comes with an inclined foot rest in a choice of grey, black, or white, with a standard grip insert.  You can also choose from 16 colours of elastomers

and an almost endless selection of magnetic stickers , which go below the leather slot, to decorate your stirrups.

For more information, download the Flex-on Catalogue